advance planning

While most of us have probably had some thought about whether we want to be cremated or buried, very few of us take the time to consider how we would like our lives to be remembered and celebrated. As an Ethical Funeral Celebrant, I am happy to address this and to work with people to ensure they get the ceremony they want, and to assist with planning and developing their ceremony in advance. I am happy to do this with the individual alone or jointly with their family or next of kin present.

While all of us can benefit from putting together our thoughts and wishes about what we want, it is particularly relevant for people who are close to the end of their lives. While putting our plans in place may feel like a strange thing to do, it does helps us to feel a little more in control of our situation. Advance planning your ceremony will also save your family or next-of-kin the stress of trying to second-guess what you would have wanted, and ensures you are able to put your stamp on your celebration, letting it truly reflect what is important to you. You may want to consider where should it be held, what readings or poems you would like. Who do you want to be involved and if there is there certain music you want played?


Humanist ceremonies do not allow the inclusion of any religious content in your ceremony. As a belief system Humanism attaches prime importance to the human person rather than a divine God or Gods. By choosing to have an Ethical Funeral Celebrant you have the freedom to choose to have an entirely secular or non-religious ceremony or to blend your ceremony to include some prayers, readings, reflections or blessings that are meaningful to you, your loved ones and family.

Ethical Celebrants do not represent any religion or any set of particular faith beliefs. However, we recognise that while people may not attend church, they may feel a strong connection to something spiritual as well as to some of the religious practices they grew up with. The ethical celebrant and family can work together to include prayers, religious and  or spiritual readings that your loved one, you and members of your family feel connected to.

Yes. I will provide 2 printed copies of the full ceremony to the client. I will also provide you with an electronic copy.

Yes- you can engage me directly as you do not need a funeral director to arrange these events, you and or your family may do so independently. Unlike a funeral the time available for the ceremony will not be limited and you can decide on the location where you will host this event.